Be part of Birmingham’s Self portrait

 Be part of Birmingham's Self portrait

Be part of Birmingham's Self portrait

Your chance to become part of Birmingham’s photographic history and part of a public art installation in the new Library of Birmingham.

One of creators of the seminal 1979 photography project Handsworth Self Portrait, Brian Homer, is calling for people across Birmingham to help create a snapshot of life in and around the city in 2011. Commissioned by Birmingham Library and Archive Services, the Self Portrait Birmingham project will see photographic studios pop up around the city. Using the latest digital technology local people will be asked to take self-portraits of themselves. The resulting photographs will form a major installation in the new Library of Birmingham.

Participants will be able to take charge of the photographic process by using a shutter release cable to select the exact moment to take the picture, ensuring they can control how they present themselves. A plain background will isolate each person from the world around them, ensuring the focus of the image is on the individuals within it, rather than their surroundings. Free print for all participants.

Come along to Cathedral Square (Friday) or Mac (Saturday)


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