Egyptian female blogger and activist Sarrah Abdelrahman wins 2011 Edberg Award

The Swedish Embassy in Cairo announced that Egyptian journalist and video blogger Sarrah Abdelrahman, has been awarded today the Edberg Award, for her use of social media in a crucial time for Egypt and the Middle East.

In its motivation, the foundation writes: “Sarrah Abdelrahman is awarded for her courageous use of social media, giving young people a voice in support of democracy causes that are universal to all people regardless of age, gender and cultural affiliation – goals that are prerequisites for social justice, human rights and that create a platform to solve environmental problems.”

The Edberg Foundation has been very impressed by Sarrah Abdelrahman’s work and dedication, and concludes that in a time when it looks like young people elsewhere have turned away from political work and discourse, she and many young people in the Middle East have shown a way forward. Not only did Ms. Abdelrahman demand that a dictator must fall, but she also became a voice for young people who rightfully ask to be part of the process of building a new, democratic society.

“On other continents, young people have been inspired by the “Arab Spring” and how the use of social media has linked people and causes together”, says Bo Landin, President of the Edberg Foundation, and he continues: “Unfortunately we have also seen that this struggle is not without victims, and young people too often have ended up in the crosshairs of weapons turned against them. We have seen it in Egypt and countries in the Middle East, but we have also seen it close to home in Scandinavia, when politically active young people in Norway were slaughtered. Our award to Ms. Abdelrahman should be seen in this light, and we are proud she represents the thousands of young people who, in spite of risks, are prepared to fight for their own future.”

In a comment, Sarrah Abdelrahman says: “I am honored with such appreciation and recognition, and I feel that this award should go to everyone who is involved in the revolution. Our revolution has 8 million heroes.”

Sarrah Abdelrahman recently graduated from the American University in Cairo with a bachelor’s degree, a double major in journalism and theater. She has been a student activist but only became active with Egyptian politics on the day of the revolution.

The award will be presented to Ms Abdelrahman at a ceremony in Karlstad, Sweden on October 24th.


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