Tunisia state television shocks its viewers on the night of Eid

Tunisia state television shocks its viewers on the night of Eid by broadcasting a religious song praying for Ben Ali’s success

Tunisia state television channel “National 1”, shocked its viewers on the night of Eid al-Adha, by broadcasting a number of religious invocations, one of which included prayers asking God to protect and aid the ousted President of Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, and wishing him “good entourage, and conciliation in his duties, as president of Tunisia.”

It seems that the song that was recorded by the voice of Tunisian singer, Fawzi Bin Qumrah, included a supplication, praying the good wishes for the ousted president, were recorded during the reign of the deposed president before the popular uprising, and was brought from the archives of the Tunisian television, without reviewing its content.

The song did not pass unnoticed. The Tunisian activists demanded an explanation from the state television through forums and social networking sites. They also demanded holding whoever responsible for this insensitive act accountable. Some Tunisians considered broadcasting this song as a form of deliberate provocation from the remnants of the former regime, who resumed their duties at the head Department of Tunisian state television, and used to be the mouthpiece of the deposed president Ben Ali and his party for the past 23 years.

The Director of Tunisian television, Mr. Mukhtar Rassaa, responded quickly, by a statement, promising that whoever were responsible for what he described as this “heinous” mistake, will be referred to the disciplinary board, and will be held accountable.

In the same context, modifications were made in the ranks and the administrations, viewing, and monitoring programs in the Tunisian state television. And the national “1” aired an apology to viewers about the lack of attention of the workers and technicians of the content of the song, and confirming that the Department will take strict penalties against those who carried out what was described as a “professional error”.


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