Iqbal Tamimi participates in Palestine Film and Poetry Festival in Bristol


Palestinian poet and Director of Arab Women Media Watch Centre in UK, Iqbal Tamimi will be the special guest at the Film Festival and the Poetry night, an event  that will form part of The Bristol Palestine Film Festival, 2011 (1st – 10th December).

Tamimi and other poets such as Julie-Ann Rowell, Sue Boyle, John Terry and Yazan Abu Jbara will be reading  poems that explore the theme of ‘movement’ and ‘journeys’,  the pleasure of familiarity with a place, exile, homesickness, difficult journeys, movements that have been restricted, elongated journeys, and unnecessary delays, and other human emotions. Tamimi’s  chosen collection of poems titled:

Humiliation, Separation, Repatriation, Desperation, Dedication and Occupation.

The Bristol Palestine Film Festival will show a variety of the most exciting works from Palestine, as well as organising supporting debates and a community film workshop.  Events and screenings will take place at the Watershed, Arnol Fini, the Cube and Hamilton House.

The festival includes an exciting line-up of  documentaries, poetic animations, and comedy fiction; by Palestinian, Irish, French and American film-makers; and will explore issues both specifically Palestinian and universally human, such as: family love, friendship, exile, the struggle for existence, the role of women in society.

Key speakers already contributing to the event are Leila Sansour founder and CEO of Open Bethlehem an international campaign to save the city and keep it open for the world and Ghada Karmi a leading Palestinian activist, writer and academic. She is co-director of the European Centre of Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter, and a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a member of the Executive Committee of the Council for Arab-British Understanding.

The poetry evening is scheduled to take place in Hamilton House at 7pm on Monday the 5th December.  The event will bring together professional and published poets from the local area to explore a theme related to Palestine.  The venue will seat 50 people and we are expecting to fill it for this intimate event. The poetry evening will be taking place in the art and photography exhibition.


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